The Interns - Tim O'Rourke

Tim O'Rourke first started playing guitar in Crosby, Liverpool when he was 12 following on in the footsteps of his big brother Mike who had played in various bands in the 60's.  He formed his own band a year later with Mike Morris, George Duda and Pete Bradshaw called Polution (yes one L!) and with Steve Wafer supplying the lyrics.  Doing mainly their own material the band fizzled out when everyone started moving away from Liverpool.  For a long time he tinkered with the guitar until John Robinson got in touch about starting a new band which later turned out to be The Interns.

Tim's other main interests (when not doing his day job or being with his family!) are Skiing and teaching/training Karate - something he has done for nearly as long as playing guitar and for which he holds a 4th Dan Black Belt and honourary life membership of the KUGB - see link below).



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