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The Interns are an exciting 5-piece band who play songs you'll recognise from the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's but who also have a growing repertoire of more contemporary songs to give a set list that can fit any occasion.

The Interns have been filmed by Red Productions doing The Kinks' "You Really Got Me" for the opening scene of "The Second Coming" a 2 part drama featuring Christopher Eccleston which went out to much acclaim in Feb 2003 and have previously been played on the BBC drama "In a Land of Plenty" with recordings made by the band on location being used as background music for two of the wedding episodes.

Comprising bass, lead and rhythm guitars, drums and female lead vocals the band are energetic, passionate about their music and intent on having a great time every gig.

The majority of the current line up have clocked up over 300 gigs (see the list!) in the last 18 years and are a tight, R&B (Real R&B !!) influenced outfit.

The band's main aim is to have a good time, enjoy the music they play and build a good rapport with the audience, which explains why many people come back to see them time after time.  Often, having played at a wedding, the band get invited back to do the weddings of a variety of relatives' weddings as well.

There is a broad mix of songs in the repertoire all of which come from the band's own favourite music. Rhythm and blues is one of the main influences and this is evident in their renditions of a number of Rolling Stones and Beatles songs with Dire Straits also well represented. Other songs covered are from The Beatles, Dire Straits, Free, Garry Moore, Oasis, Small Faces, The Pretenders, The Corrs, The Cardigans, Dandy Warholes and many others.

Founder member John Robinson has played in a number of Manchester bands, he sings lead vocals on a number of songs as well as playing rhythm guitar. Tim O'Rourke (lead guitar and backing vocals) started playing guitar in 1968 and first formed his own band in 1970 in Liverpool.  A real find for us and the very talented singer/songwriter Brendan O'Rourke on bass. Latest addition to the band on female vocals is Michaela Turner whose bluesy vocals have really added to the line up. Also featuring on a number of songs now is John Wilson with some powerful vocals and great showmanship.

The Interns play at pubs, weddings, corporate functions, birthdays, open air venues, and all manner of both casual and black tie events all over Manchester. They have also played gigs ranging from Liverpool to Nottingham and Preston to Rugby  usually by special invitation from word of mouth reputation.

The fee for the band depends on a number of factors including the size and location of the gig and how much fun the band are going to have!

There is no need to book a disco as well as we have pre-recorded CD quality music for playing between or after sets (background music as well as a selection of classic Disco tracks e.g. Dancing Queen, Raining Men, Jitterbug, Come on Aileen, Love Shack etc etc)

If you want entertaining then call Tim O'Rourke on 0773 488 4117