The Interns history

The original Interns played in the 1960s and had members including John Rostill (later of The Shadows) and drummer Peter Brooks of Zoot Money.  Ten years ago when guitarist John Robinson wanted to form a band he contacted "Brooksie" and along with lead guitarist Tim O'Rourke and early 70s pro bassist Paul Kent formed the 90's line up of The Interns.

The band started gigging regularly and rapidly built up their repertoire and following.  Not long after a gig in which The Interns were support for The Dakotas (see below) Peter Brooks left the band and was replaced by Gordon Leather.  Gordon had also played professionally with Paul Kent back in the 70s.  This line up stayed together for the next 9 years playing gigs at bigger and bigger venues but still enjoying the odd pub gig as well.  After the 200th gig Paul Kent decided to leave the band and work on some solo projects in a new direction and Jim McDonnell came in on Bass guitar.  At this time Lucy Robinson also joined the band singing lead and backing vocals. In December 2002 Gordon hung up his sticks and Tim Franks started playing drums with the band. Tim Franks plays professionally and drums with many other artists including The Norman Beaker Band.

In Spring 05 Lucy left the band due to work commitments at the BBC and Aisling Murray took up lead vocals, however earlier this year following the birth of her first child Aisling has retired from the band. Lucy Robinson returned for a number of gigs but work and solo projects led to her leaving but the great news is that we now have Michaela Turner on lead female vocals. Michaela is a great addition and had a fantastic voice.

On bass is singer/songwriter Brendan O'Rourke. Brendan also plays a lot of solo gigs in Liverpool and Preston as well as playing with the ever popular Rodimus

The latest line up is now:
John Robinson - Rhythm guitar and vocals
Tim O'Rourke - Lead guitar and vocals
Brendan O'Rourke- Bass guitar and vocals
Michaela Turner - Lead vocals